Alter Ego?

Thursday, 31 May 2007

I have a week to come up with an alter ego. An image that epitomises in my wildest dreams who I am and how I am perceived.

It’s all part of this fashion & style class I’ve been going to for something different to do. By now I possess (in theory at least) all the skills and dark arts to ensure I am never ever caught looking anything but my most fabulous. Yeah right.

It’s all good though. Next week is all about cultivating a personal style. So I need an alter ego apparently, but so far inspiration hasn’t exactly grabbed me. The woman who takes the class has a female James Bond as hers – sophisticated, sexy, resourceful, jumps buildings in a single bound – that sort of thing. Not bad, but my style is probably just a little more laid-back. That is, there are many aspects of my life where wearing glammed up gear everyday just wouldn’t work. Yet this is no reason not to be looking stylish at all times evidently.

So I’m thinking my alter ego would need to be pretty versatile. Like someone who happily hangs out in mountain cabins, looking gorgeous (yet fitting) whilst fixing tractors and covering oneself in mud. Is at home loitering around in dark alleys working as a covert spy (or perhaps is just mysteriously shady!). Yet with the uncanny ability to silence a room and send jaws dropping with classy and seductive evening style. Perhaps some sort of cross between Cameron Diaz, Urma Thurman, Lara Croft, Kate Hudson and goodness knows who else.

Hmmm… interesting, but I think it needs more work. As always, open to suggestions…