Misc ramblings of an insomniac

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

It’s 2am and I can’t sleep. I’ve tried counting sheep, body relaxation techniques, wild dreams …and I’m still wide awake. Bugger. So I’m hoping the cream cheese and crackers I just polished off will do the trick :P

I don’t really mind eh, except for in the morning I’m sooo-oo-o tired and can’t get up. Like this morning when I turned my alarm off and went back to dreamland. Then got startled and awoken suddenly with the phone ringing. Non compos mentis so I didn’t answer it. The message said they were going to be spraying noxious poison at the orchard today so to keep all my windows and doors shut. Only I was still 75% asleep and I thought he said they were spraying novocaine. My neighbors on the orchard are away and have a friend staying at their pad. So I left a note to tell him to leave his windows shut for a couple of days cos they are spraying novocaine. Only now I look up what
novocaine is and I realise that can’t be what they were spraying. Or if it was, then it should be helping me to sleep, not hindering it I reckon. And the guy next door is a school teacher too – hopefully he doesn’t teach science…

So anyway, in my insomniac state I’ve been rummaging around and found this poem about Denniston on the west coast that I copied down when I was there some weeks ago. I remember it cos it was so windy I nearly lost my wig while standing outside writing it down!

Denniston – described as “a place either loved or hated, but always with a passion”. Anyway, I kinda liked the poem. Enjoy. Good night.

Damn Denniston
Damn the track
Damn the way both there and back
Damn the wind and damn the weather
God damn Denniston altogether

Making the first move

Saturday, 11 August 2007

So I’ve emerged from my lonely cave of cynicism now and the world is wonderful again! I think it’s been something to do with all this rain we’ve been getting eh. I’m over it; bring on spring and the sunshine please :)

A bloke I know recently made comment about how NZ girls are so forward (from this I can only assume he gets propositioned regularly). I’m not sure if this was an approach he liked or not, but I think it’s kinda interesting.

I’ve asked a few guys out in my time, but pretty much only when I’ve been confident the answer will be yes. No one likes rejection! It’s great to be asked out (even if you don’t want to go and decline), so why shouldn’t that work both ways? It’s good to make people feel good. You’d think so anyway. But sometimes it can backfire.

A female friend told me a funny story today about getting up the courage to make the first move. The guts of the scenario was that she ran into a guy she had met on several previous occasions. Each time they met she had felt an attraction and she was pretty sure from his behaviour that it was mutual. So after much deliberation, the next day she decided to do something she wouldn’t normally do and call on him where he worked at a local bottle shop and ask him out. What was the worst that could happen she said to herself? He could say no. Big deal.

She walks into the shop full of smiles. He’s there - and obviously surprised to see her from the look on his face. The following conversation ensues:

Cute Guy: “Did you have a good evening last night?”
Femme Fatale: “Yes. But I realised I forgot to give you my phone number”
Cute Guy: “I’m glad you didn’t”
Femme Fatale: [Pauses] “Oh right. Why?”


Femme Fatale: “Do you have a girlfriend?”
Cute Guy: “Umm, yes. And she's sitting right there!”

[Girlfriend looks less than impressed. Femme Fatale handles the situation well by cracking up into loud laughter and exiting the shop quicker than a dog with a foot up its arse]

After hearing this story I was glad I didn’t act on complete impulse and make any moves on a guy I met last week who got my heart racing. I may have missed out on a great opportunity, but at least I don't need to avoid the local bottle shop now!