Big ups to the coast

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

So back now from my road trip down the West Coast last week. AWESOME!

Trying (not very successfully) to get back into reality and a working routine - still in holiday mode!

I finally set myself up a Flickr account, so check out my photos if you feel that way inclined.

Life on a kiwifruit orchard

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Life is not unlike a kiwifruit
I’ve realised this since I’ve been surrounded by them
(ok, actually I just drew the analogy last night!)

Sometimes more like a Chinese Gooseberry
- small, hard and hairy
But nothing beats fruit ripened on the vine
- mmmm sweet and delicious

So many things to like…
- a quick, easy snack
- and terribly good for you
- a unique zesty taste

- may be added to alcohol

It just keeps on giving
What an adventure
Life is good; feeling fine

And to think I didn’t even used to like Kiwifruit
Generally I prefer strawberries on my pavlova eh :P


Wednesday, 4 July 2007

I really don’t know what’s come over me... really... this is serious...

I’ve been getting all creative in the kitchen and I really don’t know what’s brought it all on. I went to and got all inspired. I’m like the Swedish chef off The Muppets humming in the kitchen and throwing things around in pure ecstasy. WTF???

Oh yeah, and I’ve been out on my bicycle ...something is definitely in the air assured I'm keeping a watchful eye out for those men in their little white coats...

Familiarity breeds contempt?

I’ve been feeling a little disillusioned of late. Disappointed at how mucked up people are. This whole happy families thing… I’m not convinced about it eh.

Observations this past week or so at how much people emotionally hurt one another, whether intentionally or not. Projecting blame and dishing out punishment without perhaps really taking into account what part the self may have contributed to whatever less than ideal scenario is playing out.

I’m intrigued (appalled?) at how much ego, insecurity and the need for control seems to get in the way and f**** things up between folk though. It’s probably not anyone’s fault. But equally, is it love?

Perhaps I’m just getting old and cynical. And unrealistic. Not to mention so out of practice I have no right whatsoever to comment! But you know what? I’m actually okay with that. I’m over lust and infatuation; it’s all pretty meaningless at the end of the day. I’d rather grow something.

Then you catch sight of a really old couple somewhere acting like in-love teenagers and you can’t help but smile and feel warm inside :)