That warm fuzzy feeling

Thursday, 17 April 2008

It has been wet and wild this week. Yes, I’m talking about the weather. Winter is on its way and I embrace it with enthusiasm. Not that Nelson really has a winter per se; most Nelsonians wouldn’t know a storm if it hit them hard on the noggin eh. They run and hide in what I would class as a fresh breeze :P

Like everything, I grasp the change of season with two warm hands and get into the spirit of it. I find a certain romance in wearing gumboots, thick woolly layers and a warm beanie out in the cold and damp to feed or talk to my horse and spend time outdoors. There’s just something about getting muddy and dirty which can’t be beaten. Except perhaps the feeling of getting warm and clean again afterwards.

This week has been hard work and pretty exhausting but so far the highlight, which has made me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside the most, was jumping on my horse bareback and navigating him in just a halter and lead rope through a very flooded stream (so I didn’t get my feet wet!) to be able to get him out of the paddock. I’m telling you this because it’s proof that goal #1 in my last post has totally and utterly been conquered!