Thursday, 11 April 2013

I HAVE BEEN NEGLECTFUL some might say, but I would disagree. Being one not for feeling obligation any further than doing the things that I actually want to do – oh, and some other minor stuff that the law impresses upon me that I must do, given that I am at heart a good girl, mostly.

With that lack of guilt or apology for my general communicative apatheia out of the way, now do let us continue on. That is, if I felt I even half knew where we might have left off previously, or particularly cared.

It isn’t that I haven’t been writing at all. Granted, mostly not, but not “not” entirely; I just haven’t been writing here. Where once I had to put my mindless waffles out into the world at large in some way to feel any hope that both they and I might have any salt, now I can happily scratch away in my notebook for weeks without mandatory subjection onto others.

I like the freedom of being unhooked. Not just in writing, but in life.