Definition of insanity

Monday, 7 January 2008

I read somewhere recently that the definition of insanity is repetition of the same while expecting a different outcome. From one demented person to a group of others with potentially varying degrees of derangement, I’m telling you there’s definitely a ring of truth in that. Something for consideration if you’re making any tacky new year resolutions anyway.

This also somehow relates to how I would like to feel about Christmas in future years. Right now it’s over for another year and personally I’m glad. The holiday from work and associated summer sunshine are fantastic, but the big family focus always manages to irritate some strange emotions I keep firmly locked away in the deep dark depths of my being the rest of the year. I say this because I’ve noticed even my horse has taken on my own indifferent mood over the last few weeks. Hmmm… note to self: Get over yourself!

What was cool though was that I caught up with many friends over the break including people I don’t get to see very often or in fact haven’t seen for many months/years. Good company, good stimulants, good times! I made the most of the natural beauty of the Nelson Marlborough region and got in lots of swimming, walking and eating. I tried to abide by the 30 minute swimming rule too …something about for every swim I must eat for 30 minutes or something like that…

Anyway, you can find photos of some of my relaxed summer holiday activities HERE.