Nature's Rust

Monday, 30 April 2007

Nature’s rust
As the world turns dead. Yet not.
Burnt orange, deep red, vibrant yellow
A fire whips through
In preparation for a new beginning

Leaves bigger than your head
Smother windshields in Nile Street
A new filter on afternoon light
Sends people scurrying

Cheeky fantails not at all perturbed
As animals grow woolly coats
And warm socks
Has anyone stopped to admire autumn?

Does My Bum Look Big In This?

Friday, 27 April 2007

Went to see internationally reknown body language expert, Allan Pease, perform tonight in Nelson. Pretty amusing guy. All you wanted to know and more about:
  • charisma;
  • talking to strangers;
  • why asians often look surprised;
  • why men take turns at speaking and women never shut up;
  • why men can't multi-task;
  • how to avoid looking like a bulldog after the age of 40;
  • how to respond to that age-old trap - "does my bum look big in this?"

A few laughs had. The locals were friendly too.

Broken But Stylish

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Today I am 33 going on 70. I feel broken. All my muscles hurt. My magic pony Pegasus (more personality than the traditional broomstick) and I went riding up in the Richmond hills yesterday - blasting up mountain bike trails, leaping up steep banks in a single horsey bound. Unfortunately we were both so unfit it was inevitable the steam would run out... and it did, about halfway up a very steep hill. We are both fatter and lazier than ever. I think perhaps the only answer is to do it all more often so the aftermath isn't so painful. Not that I've spoken to Pegasus yet today to see how he's feeling. He doesn't say much anyway and what he does say is pretty much always centred around food or long-legged mares.

Despite all the pain I've still managed to wear to work today the 3-inch stilleto fake snakeskin boots I bought last week in a sale. They were just crying out to me from the wardrobe and I couldn't deny them. Gotta walk the walk, eh.

How Predictable

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

I am Thea. Thea I am. I cackle often. In truth probably sometimes too much. A bit OTT, a bit gobby like, but sometimes I just can't help it, eh. Like just the other day I was out for a meal with these people I don’t know very well (like at all) and during dinner conversation I was in some state of ridiculous uncontrollable laughter about something I had in my mind and was trying to blurt out, when instead out of my open mouth splurted not words but the rice I was trying to consume at the time. I was totally unable to cease the hysterical convulsions my body was in and had to seriously take a few moments to compose myself before I could even finish my sentence. I’m sure they thought I was barking, but oh well shit happens and start as you mean to go on I suppose.

So anyway, the other day was Friday 13th (my favourite days of the year). A day witch for me started out really really badly – when my car basically blew itself up on the way to work and I tried unsuccessfully to hide my exasperated girlie tears behind my sunnies from the roadside assistance man – turned into a pretty good day thanks to my amazing Midas touch and magical powers of positivity. Then at the end of the day I was checking my emails to be told that I had won an online tarot reading. Great I thought, I’m pretty open minded to the powers of those gifted in the alternative arts. I dutifully sent off my 3 questions that would be answered and waited. Suffice to say the answers I received, although probably quite correct, did little to convince me of this person's extraordinary powers of the tarot. In short, here are my questions and the answers I received:

QUESTION: I’ve moved to a new town and miss having good mates around me. Will I make some good genuine friends very soon?
ANSWER: Join a club.

QUESTION: I’ve recently started my own business, will it be successful?
ANSWER: Be prepared to work hard and visualize it being successful.

QUESTION: I’m very fussy and thus been single for ages. When will I meet someone awesome?
ANSWER: You should be settled within the next 2-3 years.

Now I don’t expect, or even want, to be told what my future is down to the enth degree, but any fool could give the kind of vague responses I received back. To be honest I give myself better advice. So no, I will not pay $69.95 to receive a more comprehensive reading! Instead I now have my own set of tarot cards and until such time as I get bored of it I will endeavour to provide any Witches Cackle readers with my own personal style of tarot reading for free (and obviously with a not to be taken too seriously disclaimer). Send me your 3 questions via making a comment on this blog and I will put a post up with what the cards tell me. I do not guarantee anything except to make you feel good by smiling :)

Yrs, Thea the good witch.

a cackle a day keeps the dr away

My god here I am on my first blog and it has taken me at least twenty minutes to work out what font I should use!! My name is Willow I am married and three children all boys my walls are dripping testosterone two teenagers and a 7 year old going on 27. This morning after returning from my very taxing job I have managed to spend at least two hours on the phone.... talking to various friends about all the problems in the world sorting them all out and having numerous teas coffees and cigarettes at the same time who says we can't prioritise and multi task!!!! I still have not changed from work clothes I just keep looking at myself in the mirror saying do something but the other black angel on my sholder says who cares... Now true to the cosmic universe and its ways I will receive many visitors, house is a tip and I mean tip (those who can truely relate will know I mean really bad not talking about a tea towel out of place or a remote on the floor, I am talking where is the bloody remote...and what is a tea towel is it that crusty thing laying on the laundry floor) I digress but yes, people will come round because there is a big beacon above my house flashing letting off signals that the house is a mess her hair is atrotious and that she really isn't up to seeing people, are you with my sisters..Now if I looked fantastic (and don't be mistaken that does happen, and my house smelt of polish and bread cooking and coffee brewing (now that never happens) no one I mean no one would venture near me even if I invited them..... oh the unfairness of it all.... anycase enough of this I have things to do potions to make and spells to concoct and send to some
Yours in magick my sisters till next time

Welcome Friends!

Monday, 23 April 2007

Welcome to the Witches Cackle. A place for mumblings, laughter, joy, rants, stories and whatever else. Bring your cat and your broomstick, pour a mug of magic potion and stay a while. Enjoy an evening with friends.