Creative words

Sunday, 15 November 2009

When I read words written by other writers, they always seem so much more eloquent than mine. Prose that sings, amuses, titillates, provokes... and I look at mine and go hmmm...

I'm coming to the conclusion that, like anything really, it's about depth of feeling and inspiration with a topic - and in this case, translating that into magical words - my words. Throwing yourself away (thank you Maxwell Perkins) and not worrying about what others may think when they read it, or of your own vanity and other such inconsequentials.

And pretty obviously, just doing more of it.

Serendipitous then, that today I came across the AUT New Zealand Creative Writing Competition - entry deadline 31 Jan 2010. A mighty goal.

All this means that I also need to start posting here more regularly again, just so as to get over myself.