The Wicked Witch's Kitchen

Thursday, 3 May 2007

I seem to have become something of a professional dinner guest. I probably eat more at other peoples’ houses than I actually ever cook at my own. It’s even got to the stage that when people ask me “Would you like to stay for dinner?" my response is often - “Maybe, but what are you having?” That’s really bad right? Really rude. But nevertheless true - I’m nothing if not honest.

Maybe I should look at it more as singing for my supper. They provide the food and I provide the entertainment. Better still, perhaps I could become one of those professional dinner speakers, like for charity events and stuff? Maybe I have to be famous first though, eh.

Last year I was staying with some good friends of mine in Aus, and as they were going out, I offered to cook dinner for their kids so they didn’t have to worry about it. It was only afterward that my friend (who has been like a sister to me for 20 years) said “I didn’t realise you could actually cook”. It’s all just a myth ofcourse; I can cook. I can even cook quite well when I put my mind to it. It’s just the sheer routine boredom of it that I don’t particularly like. I mean, if it's the weekend and you have heaps of time it can be quite cool. But otherwise it just seems like a bit of a chore and a distraction from other stuff that I’d rather be doing.

I’ve even had long-term relationships with guys who believed I could not cook. Personally, I reckon I’m onto a good thing – 1) if they think I can’t cook I get out of it nicely the majority of the time, and 2) when I do knock up something simple they make a big deal out of! My kind of entertaining is either potluck, or nibbles and cocktails and cocktails and cocktails and cocktails. To redeem myself though, last year I did go to the extreme and baked a chocolate cake for a guy I had a crush on. I made it from scratch with extra special icing and everything. He didn’t really appreciate it enough though until it was too late and by then I had lost interest… The only other baking I've done since then was delicious, but for some reason it made me see funny.

Anyway, I’m determined to change my useless ways. I WILL TRY to become more organised and creative in the kitchen. Willow
gave me this cool link to a foodie website where you can enter in your ingredients and it returns appropriate recipes. That might keep me amused for at least a week! If you’re interested, check it out. My own cuisine links are of a sightly different theme, but no less fun or exotic. I find a blender helps.

Better go now - I’ve been invited out for dinner tonight to a nice house on the hills above Tahuna! ;P


Considering I have been on the receiving end of Thea's cooking, I can actually say that to my surprise, all dishes have been edible ( i have even enjoyed them shock to say), although watching thea in the kitchen, is like watching an awkward school girl speaking to a boy the first time, lost of fumblings, little lack of timing and a bit of a lost look at times on her face. All in all very sweet!
Gosh I hope she still speaks to me after this!!