Where was the cosmic universe this time and why didn't I do a spell

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Well well hasn't it been a while since I have left anything"! there is a reason for this my friends a, I can't write poetry
b, I could not remember my password and how to get into to the blog to put anything worth putting in....
so apologies sisters!!!
A weekend has passed. One that should of been filled with thrills and delights of what to come. But alas no, things did not work out this way did they? It had been arranged for me to meet a somewhat dark stranger whom I think is rather gorgeous to say the least. I was doing this for my sons but hey there is nothing wrong with living vicariously through your children some of
time!! I and my brood were to meet the lovely Dan Carter but unfortunately things worked against me and Dan from the beginning. Yes it did not come off at all oh woe is me. My darling husband was in Melbourne watching my eldest son play rugby himself and i was going to take my other two sons and a friend to meet the crusaders (whom which Dan Carter is apart off) 2pm on Friday I am told and excitment is building from all of us... but no they double booked there training field and were a little disappointed so they chose the movies instead... Friday nite I am promised to meet them in a bar no less in the casino (vodka vodka vodka ladies!) after 6pm but no I was awaiting a confirmation call and waited when un beknown to me I was expected to just show up..... Saturday is the game and woo they lost!!! So Sunday me and mine can get together with them to play a little bit of throwing the ball but alas again they were to sad that they lost and chose to hire a bus and go to Sydney early..... My plans for my future have now been destroyed and poor Dan has not had the priviledge of meeting me and my clan nor listen to my witty conversation and marvel that I am so damm cool and how could I possibly have three sons and look like this.... 40 years old no that is impossible he would say to himself while admiring my new physic which is pretty hughe sporting a backside like Jlo but I am embracing this as apparently men like curvier women... and i must say that I looked pretty damm HOT.. black hair black funky clothes and due to the lack of sunshine a fantastic pair of sunnies with very light lenses to be worn only in overcast weather conditions!!! Now reading this you may think but she is married and happily so I might add but really ladies there is nothing better than a little bit of young, body like a god, eye candy up close is there!!!! So unfortunately things took a wrong turn and sadly the crusaders lost with which I might add should they have met me I can promise would not have been the case... So I went back with my fantasies blown apart and back to Mum Wife and cool friend... But watch out Dan I will meet you and as for Brad Pitt well he should always be looking over his sholder!!!
Yours in magick ladies


but johnny d is mine :P