Just Hanging

Friday, 8 June 2007

The highlight of my week was spending time with some mates who came down to visit me from Welly Town.

Collected ‘em from the airport very very early one extremely crisp, cold morning. I’m always keen to hear how they find coming over the ditch on Sounds Air’s little Cessna. Generally people either absolutely love it and find it an adrenalin buzz, or conversely spend the whole time cacking themselves! Personally I reckon it’s the coolest plane ride I’ve ever been on - gotta love the views and those huge banking corners! Just enough fear to know you're alive eh!!

Was a great couple of days. We just hung out, amusing ourselves and laughing a lot as you do. We ate HEAPS; I kicked their arses at “the hardest mini-golf course in the world” (so the dude told us anyway); finally took Buck out and got him all dirtied up – that was HEAPS OF FUN and going by all the shrieks, laughter and general noises of amusement they thought so too; discovered some cool driftwood caves at the beach to hangout in and take photos of; and generally just made well meaning fun of one another.

Thanks guys – just what I needed – you rock!