Radio static

Friday, 13 March 2015

IT IS CONSIDERED rude of course to deliver lines to others such as "You're boring", "You're so f***en shallow", "How insecure are you?" and other shit like that. Because, I mean, who the hell am I?

Everyone, in my humble opinion, is most welcome to regale themselves with endless stories of past conquests, drunken escapades and other monologues from their glory days; times now past, but when perhaps life appeared more straightforward and less prone to feeling lost. To fill perfectly adequate silences with non-stop eager recommendations on where to buy the perfect child-sized merinos, Enjos and other must-have trivial crap. The weather perhaps? Go ahead. Knock yourself out. Complain, if you want, about something somebody else did, how much you hate your physical body, your job, the people you hang with, where you're at, yourself. Go on, don't hold back. While you're about it, why not get really self-righteous about something. There are plenty of causes to get opinionated about, just pick one and go at it all hard out - the state of the nation, the f**ked up choices people make as part of their democratic right. Whatever it is - you're RIGHT, right? And the opposers are just dumb deluded uninformed c**ts - isn't that how it generally goes? Hammer it home, fill up everyone's social media feed. There's a dude down Invercargill way ain't heard ya yet.

It's where we're all at at some point, usually repeatedly. While also being kinda dull and small-minded, at least I find it so. This is, of course, a note to self as much as anything, as I continue to be drawn towards lighter, clearer frequencies of more interesting things and the places and people where I want to spend time and go.

Said Ms Holier Than Thou.