Meet Buck

Monday, 14 May 2007

I’ve got someone new in my life:

He’s dark & sexy; yet not too flashy
Strong, agile and responsive
The rugged outdoors type, but still very smoooove…
The ideal versatile companion

Looks a bit like
this only he’s black.
Can't vouch for the snow handling yet, but already done the thick 2am fog thing bringing him back down south last night. I'm sure he'll pull the hosses round just dandy.

...Only I can’t decide - should I clean him or get him dirty???


Getting down and dirty in the woods sounds good. Once he's dirty you can take him home and give him a lather up and a gentle rub off. He'll love it.

ok, blushing now

And back to the responsive bit.... How many things has he got to fiddle with? Buttons and knobs? Is he a smoooove auto? Or a nice long, strong, agile and responsive stick shift? Be kind to him, take him slowly at first (break him in) then give him a good work out, (thrashing) show him you're in control. Don't be fooled by the dark and sexy. Not too flashy? Nothing a nice clean chamois won't fix.

Dear Mr/Ms A. Non-E-Mouse,

Being a manual transmission I guess he can do a lot of that stuff for himself, eh.

Then again, he is only a car so maybe he doesn't really care that much. We both enjoy illegal U-turns on Waimea road tho.

I'm already in control, I've got his key. And another car should he fail. So I think it is more a case of him proving himself.