The best of friends

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Here's to you Teal, my beloved Doberman who sadly died this weekend. You lived life fast and full and I'm so sorry I couldn't keep you safe. You always did run much faster than you could think.

I loved you as my family, thank you for the awesome years we had together. We had some wicked adventures eh, and you were certainly well travelled for being only 5. You were one big bounding idiot, exuberant just in the joy of life. Simply, you wanted to make friends with everybody you came across, whether 4 paws or 2, and you won over many and most hearts. You gave the best doggy hugs and bought a smile to my face every single day no matter what was going on in life. I choose to remember you so.

Maybe God has finally given you the tail you never had (not that you were ever short of wag). I’m sure there’s plenty of doves and angels to chase up there - assuming they don’t have seagulls in heaven – and you and Kosher are keeping good company now.

I will miss you and your velvety ears more than I care to admit. LUM xx


Sorry to hear about your dog Thea, it's always sad when a close pet dies. I was quite surprised just how much it hurt when our family dog passed away a few years back.

- JD