Prison Break

Monday, 7 May 2007

The funniest thing I’ve heard for a few days was my fabulous friend telling me about her week and how she’d managed to lock herself in a small room of a back flat she was painting. She waited hours (with her cigarettes left in another room – bummer!) for one of the neighbours to go out into their backyard, upon which she eagerly tried to catch his attention by yelling through a small crack, as far as the window would open.

After finally convincing him she was not taking the mickey and explaining (as much as you can through a narrow crack) that she was stuck in the room, she was finally released. The stranger came and let her out whilst bending over backwards laughing his head off.

This is the same gal who a few months ago, whilst trying to break into my brothers house after locking ourselves out, stood in hysterics whilst I got stuck in a very small top light window saying “if you could just get your arse in…”. Hey F – I think we’re even now, eh…

I got lost in a toilet cubical once and couldn’t find my way out, but that doesn’t count cos it was pitch black and I was only 6.


AAaaaaA Just checking MMmmm?! Unfortunatly I left my eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog at home. I tryed open sesame and open mother F but not a good result. Visualising worked, Spunky dude saves damsel, didn't visualise the part about him laughing. And it still gives me the crack ups thinking of thee arse hanging out that wee window. Ho ho.