Thursday, 28 June 2007

I’ve been sick all week which has been a bit sucky. Lemsip is overrated (and I’ve been through a whole pot of honey trying to make the stuff actually taste nice) so now I’ve turned to whisky. My theory is that even if it doesn’t kill the germs it should act as a great anesthetic.

I’m still vaguely hoping someone – anyone - will pitch up at my doorstop with some hot chicken soup. But hey, I’ve been thinking that ever since I left home some fifteen years ago and so far it hasn’t happened yet, so I’m not holding my breath!

It’s also been very cold and frosty. If I want to go out after 9:30pm at night I have to chip the frost off my car windscreen first. Out of almost every window of my little house I can see crisp white snow capping the hills like fresh vanilla icecream. Hmmm, perhaps I should get out my witches cauldron (again) and make some mulled wine just to get into the whole winter wonderland theme…

Just because I’ve been sick the week hasn’t been any less eventful. I’ve seen a grown man piss in his own kitchen sink (the mind boggles), after tomorrow I’ll be officially unemployed (not that I’m complaining), and as always I’ve learnt lots of new, interesting and inspiring things.

I can hardly contain my excitement to see what next week will bring. Next thing, someone will actually leave a comment and I'll have a heart attack!


ok.. who did the pissing and why were you watching ??

Good question. However, I'm nothing if not discreet. This town is too small - the Nelson Mail would be all over it LOL! And they may not believe I was merely an innocent bystander caught completely unawares. I may yet need THEApy...

Thea py ?? the mind boggles :P

Indeed - and rightly so!