Home Sweet Home

Saturday, 23 June 2007

I’ve almost clocked up 4 months in this new town. It’s always felt right, but now it’s really starting to feel like home. Why, you may well ask?

To start with, my list of favourite places to hang out is getting longer. They no longer fit on the back of a matchbox. This week, with the help of a new friend, I even discovered a very cool, very small drinking hole in the back streets of Richmond of all places. If my first experience of it is anything to go by I think it may be another place to add to my famous TARDIS list. That being, when you’re in it you lose all sense of time and when you come out of it your perspective on the outside world has often changed remarkably from when you went in. LOL, don’t even ask!

At the last quick count I also must know at least half a dozen people now that I can and want to call up, who even invite me out to soirées from time to time. Sometimes I even find messages left on my answerphone which are purely leisure related. There is a God!

Throw into the mix that I’m beginning to learn the back road shortcuts; the best places to eat in town; I run into people I know in the street; …oh yeah, and it’s been raining for the last three days which makes it feel a little too much like Welly Town!

I’m just lovin’ looking up at the snow capped ranges on my door step and the eternal fruit bowl of Nelson that just keeps on giving to me! I’ve also just bought the mother of all comfy sofa beds for anyone that wants to come and stay and soak it up for themselves.

Rock on!