Date Scones

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

This ‘dating’ thing cracks me up. I’m no wallflower but I don’t think I have ever in my life before really ‘dated’ until the last couple of years. And if you ask me, it’s distinctly bloody odd. It must be a grown-up thing to do. How terribly civilised.

Growing up in Wangas, dating consisted of hanging out in town on a Friday night in your best (and tightest) jeans! Cruising around in cars with boys, or if you got really lucky, you’d park up at the beach and snog a bit while you drank your hipflask and shared a joint. Aaaaah, the Mighty Manawatu LOL!

Instead of “Blind Date” it’s now “Blind Data”. If you want, you’re just a couple of clicks away from meeting someone new. There’s also speed dating and someone told me about this new thing here in Nelson (that some stoner must of dreamt up) where you sit around and stare into other people’s eyes for a bit to see if you get inspired. Although apparently it was cancelled due to lack of interest - I’m not surprised eh!

If I think about the successful (and I use that term loosely) relationships I’ve had, they’ve pretty much all been with people I’ve already known – and just started to look at differently :P I wasn’t worried about what they did for a living, whether they wanted/had/were a kid, what their attitude on life was – cos I already vaguely knew. I didn’t know about the size of the hands thing then either!!!

I think perhaps its time to go back to my witches’ cauldron and make myself a bloke! He’ll have all the things that are REALLY important… a spa pool, a well stocked liquor cabinet, an awesome music collection and be as funny as f**k…

Good times!