A parochial town

Sunday, 17 October 2010

A surreal exchange (paraphrased) in the pub the other night. Because although they were coming out of his mouth, I recognised the words not as originating from him, but as coming from further up a food chain. I think it made him feel clever to repeat them. Or maybe I just feel clever saying that, teehee  ...yes, I'm taking the piss out of myself :P

Hopefully, one day more people will choose to see opportunities rather than threats and realise that sharing toys actually just makes for a better toy box for all to enjoy. Oh perception is an intriguing thing!

Thankfully, these days I am finding it much easier not to buy into bullshit and insecurity, my own included. Because my mind is a self-fulfilling prophecy and whatever I let in goes forth and multiplies in there! All is well xx