My back garden

Sunday, 10 October 2010

New green leaves follow a winter of woody spindle
The fig tree heart in my back yard
Wind chimes and weather worn prayer flags lull in the breeze
Lying on a beanbag on my sunny back deck
I look up past my own painted toes
To the backdrop of a blossom canvas of the old cherry tree
Snowing down each time Mother Nature whispers through
Onto the clean white sheets waving from their peggy place
Under the banana tree midst spiky native grasses
A blackbird perches on the arm of a silvery wooden bench
Before swooping amongst sparrows
Guzzling this morning's uneaten toast. Territory wars.
The thicket of anemones will close down their smiley faces at dusk
The hedgehog pattering & foraging any leftover crusts
His hair never goes curly
In a pebbled cottage garden hidden in the middle of town
Majestic white elephants stand royally
Beside Buddha and a one-armed rusty wheelbarrow
A secret city leafy haven
And warm spirit.