No more Mr Nice Guy

Sunday, 3 August 2008

I am not a man eater, but sometimes I feel like one. My friends, and even my landlady, are ever more frequently pointing blokes in my direction that they think I should date. The last one was a bloke in a pub that asked my friend to introduce us, so she brings him up to the dance floor and leaves him there with me. I know they mean well, but what am I supposed to do with that?

I’m a polite person (ie. I hadn’t had much to drink) so I talk to him a bit before I go back to the dance floor. He is ‘nice’ enough but doesn’t really pique my interest in any way other than a passing conversation. But when he asks for my number I stupidly give it to him. Why? For no better reason than because I’m pathetic and I feel really rude saying “No, I just can’t be bothered”.

He texts me the next day (and a mental note to any prospective future suitors, I’d be much more impressed if you fronted up and actually phoned me rather than sending a cop-out text). Even when I tell him I actually preferred the singer in the band the night before, he still wants to take me out on a date. So (like a stark raving mad lunatic) I agree to go. I don’t know why I agree to go. Except that I feel like sometimes maybe I’m too judgemental when it comes to blokes and I should give it a chance to get to know him.

The result of the date is that he’s a nice guy. A nice guy like all the other nice guys I’ve dated over the last 2 or so years. A nice guy in that he’s perfectly ok (for someone else) but he doesn’t make me laugh, or think overly hard, or anything else in particular. He’s just, well… nice. (No offence intended to any exes that might be reading this!)

I realise this sounds harsh and where do I get off even complaining about it. But blokes always tell me that they know within 30 seconds of meeting a girl whether there’s potential there or not - based on looks alone. I don’t even care about looks, I honestly couldn’t give a rats. But there has to be a little inkling of something (anything) and simply being nice just doesn’t cut it for me. Even if I dated an axe wielding maniac at least it would be memorable.

So I’m officially over dating. Over it. Maybe this is the beginning of the road to being one of those eccentric ladies with many cats, but I don’t care. Maybe I will become one of those bitter and twisted witches through lack of good meaningful shagging. So be it. Maybe I deserve everything I get, given my ridiculous attitude. But please, no more Mr Nice Guy or I WILL SCREAM!

Or am I just a B****? I'm coming around to accepting this possibility should the hat fit.

(PS. Nice AND interesting will do just fine though!)


I think, as a guy, you have to find a happy medium. I try to be nice, as I have to live with myself. But at the same time, the saying that nice guys finish last does seem to often ring true, so I don't want to be so nice that I get walked all over. Sometimes I succeed at this happy medium, and sometimes I fail, but that's all a part of life.
One thing I will say though. I left Ceroc class with a girls cellphone number last night. I'll take your advice and ring her rather than text her, but not being too nice, I have no intention of doing either until early next week at the earliest!