Only dead fish swim with the stream

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

It never ceases to amaze me how much a little ray of sunshine brightens the mind and the soul. Like everyone in NZ right now, I’m soooo over the rain. Even sunny Nelson has been horrendously foul over the past months and our storms have even been up to Welly standard (hard to believe I know, but true).

You don’t realise how much it takes a toll on your general demenour until a day like today arrives; a day when the sun shines brightly from dawn till dusk. When it’s warm enough to wear a dress without jeans underneath, elevenses consists of a 20 minute cat nap on your bean bag in the sun (isn’t self-employment great!), the doors and windows are wide open all day and you take lunch on the patio in the sunshine.

It puts a spring in your step and makes the worries and doubts that seemed so much bigger yesterday seem like mere minor concerns, and not worth stressing over. It reminds me that I can do anything, limited only by my imagination; only dead fish swim with the stream. Bring on spring!


I agree. The nice weather does seem to disperse any depressive thoughts that were beginning to creep in during the winter weather.

There's nothing quite like a nice walk, bike ride, or motorbike ride to just get you back into the right frame of mind again, but unfortunately all of these activities really require the weather to play it's part. (A horse ride probably does the same thing, but not having a horse, I am making an assumption here.)