How young is too young?

Monday, 16 June 2008

So does age matter?
And does it matter more whose older than whom?
I'm interested to hear your opinions.. and if you call me cougar I'll smack you in the gob!


that all depends on just how old you are...

Recently a male friend of ours(32yrs) was covorting around with a young lassy (22yrs). Seems things didn't last to long, and though they see each other a little a relationship did not blossom.

I couldn't imagine dating someone that young, I'd certianly bed one down but to actually date seems ridiculous.

I know this Lad tried to hide her away and the second Slee and Sandy found out they harrased him dearly for being a cradle snatcher and could be the reason their love never grew.

Fact is it comes down to wether or not you get along with the person outside of the bedroom. Chances are your not going to socialise with someone to much younger than you and if you do it's probably cool cause either they are very mature or... well your young at heart.

But encase there is someone in particular do remember that scene with our cougar friend in Eastbourne and the 18yrd Ryan and the madness that ensued ;)

You be careful out their heart breaker.

In my opinion, if the guy in question is not either soooo young or soooo old that you are embarrassed to introduce him to friends or family, then the age gap isn't too big. But if you'd be too embarrassed to take them out with you when you're going out as a group with other friends, or to a family function, then the age gap is too big.

Having said that, when I was thirty, I very, very briefly dated a seventeen year old, which lasted all of two weeks. Further, I'm now thirty seven, and I had a couple of dates this month with a twenty two year old, although two dates were enough for me to decide that I wasn't interested in a third date with her. So, perhaps you're asking the wrong person!!!

Just remember, if they're still at school, then they're too young.(Of course, they shouldn't still be at school after 3:30, unless they're naughty.)

Ha ha, thanks for all your comments. I've had a number of direct replies too, making this the most commented post yet. So should I dare write that post I was intending about dating multiple people at the same time....

Now where's the harm in dating multiple people all at once, so long as each of them know that you're not being exclusive.

The only harm I can see is if they assume that you're serious about them, and very commited, and you say nothing to correct their assumption.