Lamington moments

Sunday, 9 May 2010

This is a phrase I’ve coined for when stuff so uncanny happens it’s incredulous. When our first reaction is to hum the theme from Twilight Zone – or roll around in food colouring and desiccated coconut. And when we've forgotten the power of our own minds.

This week found half a dozen of us sitting around in someone’s lounge room doing a first read-through together of the script for our next production. After a while, someone wisely suggests taking a break. Man of the house courteously takes our drink preferences, closes the door upon his exit and wanders up the hall to the kitchen.

Not being able to put a plug in my sarcasm (sometimes I wish I was better at that), once he has gone I say quietly to myself as much as anyone – “perhaps you could also rustle us up some lamingtons too thanks”. Five minutes later his wife walks into the room carrying a tray of tea, coffee and six perky looking lamingtons! When we all look at each other and crack up, poor man of the house has no idea what’s so funny. He hadn't heard a word and who the hell has anything as random as lamingtons sitting around in their cupboards?

This sort of thing has been happening to me a lot lately. It's cool, I like it …but actually, if I’d known my magic was that powerful, I would’ve asked for afghans.