My dress-up box

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Maybe I am a little touched, have too much time on my hands (not that I’ve noticed recently) or it’s just my inner actress scratching to get out. But I think everyone should have and make use of a dress-up box.

On the whole, TV is boring. So when I’m not cranking up the stereo and dancing around the house for my own amusement, I often play silly buggers putting together different ensembles from whatever I have lying around. Some of them are to wear out for real and others just for a giggle around the house.

Although to be honest, the line between dress-up box and the clothes and accessories I choose to wear out publicly is getting more and more blurred the older I get – sometimes when I get up in the morning, I ask myself: “who do I want to be today” …well, tonight Michael, I’m… [a vamp], [a rocker], [a wholesome farm girl], [retro chick] …whatever – just insert as appropriate.

It’s nothing to do with how I look to others; it’s about playing, amusing myself, letting my imagination run wild and not being afraid to express myself. Yeah, sometimes I’m sure I come off as pretty tragic, but I actually don’t really care too much what others think. That's the beauty of getting older.

Admittedly, I usually play this little game alone (most people just don’t seem to have the same depth of inner child that I do). But I recall some rare occasions playing silly buggers with people not afraid to act the fool - not surprisingly, they have pretty much always resulted in all concerned rolling around on the floor in fits of shared uncontrollable laughter. Good times.

So my top tip for today folks - be a big kid and don't be afraid to play with your inner idiot…


hehe, I agree. We don't do this often enough. I have had a client recently go to work wearing a brightly coloured bow tie - to which his daughter remarked "dad you look like a clown"...his response "perfect, just the look I was going for". This guy reports to the governer general and wore a bright bow tie because he wanted to cheer himself and others up! Love it... keep up the good work, and bring out the inner idiot for others to enjoy more!!

Thx Mon. I went to a concert the other night and went totally all out in character to suit the genre. It was a little out there, but the fact I was out of town and no one knew me made it easier to pull off - not sure Nelson was really ready for that particular little ensemble yet!