Message in a bottle

Monday, 8 March 2010

On Saturday night I drank whisky from a bottle shaped like a naked lady whiling away some enjoyable hours in this Evans Bay boat shed. Strangely, it was the exact replica of an old empty bottle I shelled out the princely sum of $4 for only a few hours before in a weird and rather overwhelming Wellington second hand store. That’s really neither here nor there, but I liked the groovy coincidence.

This is Simon’s boat shed. I only just met Simon, but I like his style and I like his boat shed very much. Where else can you be in the wild heart of Wellington swapping jokes, chugging back beer and looking out over the lights of the city while waiting for your fish to smoke for dinner?

An old valve radio sends out tinkley tunes from AM frequency. Someone strums on the guitar. We all lounge around on ancient furniture, looking at the various old time decor salvaged from here and there (also bought for little more than $4 I suspect). I like the feeling of stepping back in time in unexpected places.

A bicycle bell rings outside in the still night air; more friends coming to call on the way home from night time city festivities. Someone melts chocolate fondue and we dip fruit and laugh a lot over funny stories and senseless amusing banter.

So I discovered the origins of my silly naked bottle. If it had a message inside it, it would have been about appreciating the simple silly things in life that make you feel warm inside just like whisky does.