Alpine back country adventure

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Yesterday I returned from probably the most enjoyable business trip I’ve ever been on. Asked to go to a back country station near the beautiful Hanmer Springs to gather firsthand information about an alternative power system installation… well really, how could I possibly refuse. In fact, I decided to make the most of the opportunity and bravely took my horse with me on the 5 hour journey south.

Hossack Station is a 25,000 acre high country sheep and cattle station, which also has a safari hunting park and breeds beautiful horses. Dating back to 1852, the scenery, atmosphere and buildings are like an amazing trip back in time. I had to pull my horse through no less than 10 rivers inside his tin box just to get up the 10km ...err... driveway. Thank goodness for Buck!

On the second day we got a heavy snowfall; at least 15cm. I've never seen snow like that outside a ski field and it was simply breathtaking - check out my photos for yourself. The snowball fights at nearby Hanmer Springs hot pools while it was snowing was also awesome childish fun!

Needless to say, my horse Charlie Brown was glad to finally get home to the balmy climes of Nelson last night. I could tell this because as soon as he got back in his paddock he stuck his dick out and ran away looking extremely happy :)

So big ups to Genkit and The Hossack for the opportunity and your generosity. And cheers to the guys for the good company; it was very amusing from beginning to end.