My new life

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

As I sat in my office this afternoon having a very important meeting with myself and working on my spring tan, I couldn’t help thinking how much life has changed.

I’m still the same (sarcastic, pain-in-the-arse) person I was six months ago ofcourse; perhaps just slightly more provincial, whilst retaining a certain big city open mindedness! But as the months have gone by since I moved to Nelson I have definitely felt myself chilling out. These days I’m practically horizontal!

Every now and then I wonder if I’m barking. Like when I’m going through a lonely social retard phase or I’m not entirely sure where my next rent payment is coming from. But I’ve also discovered great new things about myself: I make a mean and moist chocolate muffin; I seem to have the ability to convince complete strangers that I know what I’m doing; and putting myself in tight spots is a great recipe for creativity.

I went back to Welly recently, and although it was fun, I’m glad I don’t live there anymore. I miss my mates ofcourse and the option to go to lots of great gigs, but I’m glad to be away from the consumerism craziness that tends to engulf me in the big city. And I can definitely live without rush hour.

I’m chilled, but challenged. Life is good.


Consumerism craziness?! That would suck. Peace and tranquility are achievable where ever your body may be. It's all in the head not the location. Chilling out or being chilled out is definitely a frame of mind. P.S Wellinton ROCKS!!!

Hey, thanks for your comment. I agree. It's not about location, but lifestyle does play a huge part. For me a change in lifestyle has also bought about a different mindset - certainly not dependent on location, but nonetheless a result of. Yes, Welly is a great place, but I guess I'm more of a small town girl at heart!

Certainly beats working in an air conditioned cubicle farm ;-)