Can I pull it off?

Friday, 7 September 2007

I got roped into going to a charity auction tonight. It was a good cause; raising money for a local woman’s cancer treatment. The food, wine and company were excellent. I didn’t actually intend to buy anything, but the items was pretty good and going for a steal (at least until the wine took effect and lubricated people’s wallets).

I’m not really a label chick, but my bargain purchase was a Trelise Cooper long velvet robe. It wasn’t until upon closer inspection when I got home that I realised it’s actually meant to be a dressing gown type of robe! To be fair, perhaps I should have twigged to this earlier; it is pink after all, with lace trim and intricate beading!

I don't care; I think it’s super cool. I also reckon I can get away with wearing it out in some trendy ensemble and no one will even twig that I’m actually wearing sleepwear!! Anyone willing to place a bet?

Whaddayareckon – can I pull it off?


I'm sure you could pull it off. It's sounds like it would match well with a tiara and silver heels, ones with fluffy pink bits on them. You go girl!