Time travellers

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

SILK SCARF ENTWINES a young and graceful neck, floating softly in her wake. Delicate? Yes perhaps. Melded with an ambling self assurance, an energetic peace.

Busy city street, a thousand beating feet. Nameless thoughts bleat from blank mosaic faces. The silently deafening blah that's so unattachedly intriguing.

Scanning wallpaper as it passes, until… glue hits an image embossed unforgettably upon the brain. Too late, the nanosecond fleet of double-take is observed, noted.

Instant recognition, despite never having met. Silver now sheens his well-groomed hairs. Same unassuming exterior disguising the inwardly intense. Those drilling eyes.

Neither knows which has travelled back in time or who may have travelled forward. Magnetic strangers, numerous concurrent lifetimes. Neither uttering a word.