Pen pal

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hi there. How’s ya handle jandal? We haven’t checked in with each other for a while, but I’ll try my best with this one-sided conversation I’ve got to work with. Life on this side of the typeface is pretty swell, mother sends her love and the dog’s wagging its tail with glee, as always.

So my hairs won’t be taking me to NY I found out this week, but I’m all good with that. It was a very surreal experience and gi-normous fun having a platinum blonde personality for a while, even if my eyebrows had trouble keeping up at times. Plans to ditch the Gaga in favour of the Lady are now imminent, and who knows what that will look like.

So my NY visit will have to wait for my future book signing – yes, my first work of literary significance has begun! Or perhaps a stopover on my way to Colorado – due diligence is currently underway on my next business venture, which I’m truly excited about, and if proven feasible shall lead me there. Then again, there could be innumerable other reasons that take me to NY and I just love that unpredictability about life.

I hope you are well and laughing more often than not. The world delivers exactly what you ask and move in the direction of, so be who you want to be and watch all the marvellousness being propelled into your sphere. That’s really important, so please don’t forget. I want you to have everything of your wildest dreams.

All my love,
Anthea xxx

P.S. That smile really suits you, keep it up :)