Dear Aunty Agnes

Sunday, 20 February 2011

To the girl who lives close by: The reason why you keep going back to that evil, nasty piece of work who constantly disrespects you and everyone else around, and who you actually feel ashamed to be with and you don't even really like, is because you fail to see what a gorgeous, super talented, wonderful woman you really are. So lacking in self belief. That might be a good place to start. Just trust me on this one okay.

To the silent boy around the corner: We complicate life with socially acceptable rules and half-truths, serving to feed an illusion of security and compromise who we really are. Those around you might be fooled, but I don't for a minute believe an ounce of your facade. I see you. You visit here all the time. I get your logic, but still think it's a shame. I'm still very much a (faaaaar from perfect) true friend even though you're not allowed to be the same. Happiness to you xx

To the girl in the mirror: When you act from a place of heart rather than insecurity, and don't buy into other people's crap, things always work out for you and usually better than you ever imagined. This has been proven time and time again. So worry not, always believe you can do it and keep aiming for the stars. Everything you ever dreamed of and more can and will be yours. P.S. Don't forget to dance.