Christchurch aroha muster

Friday, 25 February 2011

Subdued. I’m not even sure what words to write next.

Chriiiiissstchhhuuuurccch earrrrtthhquaaaaake reeeliiiieff,” tolls the Lions Club man collecting money on the corner of Lambton and Willis in his eerie elongated monotone this morning. A town crier.

A silent screaming numbness overrides everything. But for some reason it feels really important to remain calm and open-hearted, rather than to go along with the depressive hysteria that’s all too easy to fall into and so bloody difficult to climb out from. It won’t help anyone. So apart from occasional quick glimpses at the general gist of things via the Internet, I’ve been avoiding all forms of media like the plaque. I can’t keep it together otherwise. Tears still break through the border when I'm caught off guard.

Everybody knows someone involved in one way or another. Everybody is affected. To my Christchurch friends, I’m so proud to know you guys. I see you all clubbing together and lovingly supporting one another with your usual super-amazing attitudes. I so want to wrap my arms around you all tightly and give you the mother of all squeezes xx

My Welly flatmate was flown down first thing Wednesday morning by Hercules to muck in. I haven’t been able to contact him since; it can’t be pleasant. There are many others I know doing their bit as part of their jobs or in their own personal way. Yes, you can also donate money or give shaken Cantabrians a place to get away to.

For everyone saying they feel helpless, another suggestion is pulling together all the aroha that is an intrinsic part of you from your insides and sending that strong, powerful, positive energy out with purpose. Not your sadness, your heartache or your fear - just the good stuff. Imagine it flying from within you through the air, culminating and growing stronger as it merges with the same energy from others on its journey.

And show the family and loved ones around you now how much you love them, unconditionally. That trivial day-to-day crap we normally get so caught up in really doesn't matter. Ever.