Barely there

Sunday, 30 January 2011

My latest phase is riding bare. Without a saddle that is.

While pretending recently that I was 7 writing an essay inside my head on what I did in the holidays, I realised that amongst all the cool crazy fun I had, my bestest most favourite thing was the stinking hot day my friend and I took our ponies down the river for a swim on the spare of the moment.

Sun glinting off the clear, cool sparkliness, it was so relaxing moseying upstream riding bareback amongst the happy wildlife. Our horses, with refreshing water up around their bellies, thought all their Christmases had come at once and so did we. Hooked I was, hooked.

And also because Peter Karena from that movie This Way Of Life and his kids ride bareback all the time and seem to have such a bloody good time. Not to mention that he’s exceedingly hot and rides naked on occasion too, but I'm sure this can have little if anything to do with it…

Benefits of my saddle-free summer are being able to ride in shorts, better horseback balance, more trust between me and the cheeky nag – who used to buck me off at every opportunity once upon a time and could achieve this in nanoseconds with my riding bareback should he desire – and after only a couple of weeks, the beginnings of buns and inner thighs to make Xenia Onatopp proud.

Good times.