Boy hangover

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Out with the rubbish
you are
. Kicked to the kerb
awaiting collection. Once
gripped firmly between
fair hands tantalising tongues
brushing tender urgent
lips. Head thrown back
sliding deliciously
down the back of my throat
To a bottle of beguiling
passion. That now lies
spent and dirty
at the bottom of the
recycle bin. A vessel
empty of any substance
Just another
inconsequence. Another
silly boy. See-through
just like all the other
empties glinting at me
in the sunshine. I am
again crushless.
Hallelujah for that.


hmmm thanks for that i have never viewed a hangover so beautifully!!
I will the next time i feel that way... you worded it quite eloquently WELL DONE!!
I wonder if it will still be as painful, lets hope not :)

Thanks. I was in fact talking about a boy rather than the evil drink, but they're pretty much the same thing in effect and this could be applied to either or both. I think it's called metaphor :)