Tyre kickers

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Man you people are boring! I have no idea why you read this blog, but I know that you do because I see you. But you’re so quiet all the time. Not a squeak out of you.

I used to pay my brother to leave anonymous comments just so I could look like I was popular. But he’s in love now and obviously has other priorities.

Ofcourse I could leave anonymous comments myself, but that would seem too weird even for me and not a little narcissistic.

What if I told you I was coming out of the closet? Would that be enough to stir a reaction?


Boring, yes - no argument from me there.
I read this blog because i like your outlook and perspective on the world - keep it up!
In response to "Bygones" i don't think you should feel ashamed. I'm a big fan of the "Earl Hickey" school of thought on Karma and justice.

Tyre Kicker #1

Thanks TK1. I'm ecstatic to know you have a pulse and fingers that work - keep that up too!

Gosh, your not are you :)

Well Stephen, what do you think?

hmmm, would have to say probably not, but stranger things have happened :)
And it really wouldn't mater either way - good people are good people.