Johnny Valentine

Saturday, 20 February 2010

For the first time since about 1992, this year I received an anonymous valentine. As no one is laying claim to said valentine, I can only assume it must be from my gorgeous Johnny.

Johnny is extremely hot & cool, etc. After all, the opinion of 90% of woman on the planet can’t be wrong, right? It also goes without saying that obviously so I am.
My light is hardly hidden under a bushel. Not when my own talented acting exploits attract at least 100 people per night to the Wakefield Village Hall.

So together, Johnny and I are like a super duper fireworks spectacular. Anyone who knows me knows how discerning and particular I am, so isn’t Johnny a bloody lucky bloke to be the object of my affections.

So thanks Johnny for my valentine, yes it made me smile and feel good inside. Don't go letting Hollywood change you.