How Predictable

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

I am Thea. Thea I am. I cackle often. In truth probably sometimes too much. A bit OTT, a bit gobby like, but sometimes I just can't help it, eh. Like just the other day I was out for a meal with these people I don’t know very well (like at all) and during dinner conversation I was in some state of ridiculous uncontrollable laughter about something I had in my mind and was trying to blurt out, when instead out of my open mouth splurted not words but the rice I was trying to consume at the time. I was totally unable to cease the hysterical convulsions my body was in and had to seriously take a few moments to compose myself before I could even finish my sentence. I’m sure they thought I was barking, but oh well shit happens and start as you mean to go on I suppose.

So anyway, the other day was Friday 13th (my favourite days of the year). A day witch for me started out really really badly – when my car basically blew itself up on the way to work and I tried unsuccessfully to hide my exasperated girlie tears behind my sunnies from the roadside assistance man – turned into a pretty good day thanks to my amazing Midas touch and magical powers of positivity. Then at the end of the day I was checking my emails to be told that I had won an online tarot reading. Great I thought, I’m pretty open minded to the powers of those gifted in the alternative arts. I dutifully sent off my 3 questions that would be answered and waited. Suffice to say the answers I received, although probably quite correct, did little to convince me of this person's extraordinary powers of the tarot. In short, here are my questions and the answers I received:

QUESTION: I’ve moved to a new town and miss having good mates around me. Will I make some good genuine friends very soon?
ANSWER: Join a club.

QUESTION: I’ve recently started my own business, will it be successful?
ANSWER: Be prepared to work hard and visualize it being successful.

QUESTION: I’m very fussy and thus been single for ages. When will I meet someone awesome?
ANSWER: You should be settled within the next 2-3 years.

Now I don’t expect, or even want, to be told what my future is down to the enth degree, but any fool could give the kind of vague responses I received back. To be honest I give myself better advice. So no, I will not pay $69.95 to receive a more comprehensive reading! Instead I now have my own set of tarot cards and until such time as I get bored of it I will endeavour to provide any Witches Cackle readers with my own personal style of tarot reading for free (and obviously with a not to be taken too seriously disclaimer). Send me your 3 questions via making a comment on this blog and I will put a post up with what the cards tell me. I do not guarantee anything except to make you feel good by smiling :)

Yrs, Thea the good witch.