a cackle a day keeps the dr away

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

My god here I am on my first blog and it has taken me at least twenty minutes to work out what font I should use!! My name is Willow I am married and three children all boys my walls are dripping testosterone two teenagers and a 7 year old going on 27. This morning after returning from my very taxing job I have managed to spend at least two hours on the phone.... talking to various friends about all the problems in the world sorting them all out and having numerous teas coffees and cigarettes at the same time who says we can't prioritise and multi task!!!! I still have not changed from work clothes I just keep looking at myself in the mirror saying do something but the other black angel on my sholder says who cares... Now true to the cosmic universe and its ways I will receive many visitors, house is a tip and I mean tip (those who can truely relate will know I mean really bad not talking about a tea towel out of place or a remote on the floor, I am talking where is the bloody remote...and what is a tea towel is it that crusty thing laying on the laundry floor) I digress but yes, people will come round because there is a big beacon above my house flashing letting off signals that the house is a mess her hair is atrotious and that she really isn't up to seeing people, are you with my sisters..Now if I looked fantastic (and don't be mistaken that does happen, and my house smelt of polish and bread cooking and coffee brewing (now that never happens) no one I mean no one would venture near me even if I invited them..... oh the unfairness of it all.... anycase enough of this I have things to do potions to make and spells to concoct and send to some
Yours in magick my sisters till next time