As good as your word

Thursday, 24 March 2011

I like words, a lot. I’m not exactly sure why, as despite my love for them, actions do speak louder. Too many empty nothings have been whispered to believe everything you hear. Many of the people I respect the most don't feel the unnecessary need to fill up all the silences, thankfully. Because understated is dead sexy.

But a word or phrase in the right tone and time conjures meaning, understanding and imagery way beyond the rudiment. The lilt of a tongue... the impression of crisp black font on a sea page of white... original thought and original expression without fear... long vowels in the throws of passion... now that’s what I like.

A trick of the tongue and a word in the ear take me where actions alone cannot. Ironic really, for dirty old fickle old words of which I hardly believe a jot.