Something good

Saturday, 31 July 2010

We solved many of the world’s problems, dreamt up a fabulous design concept for our flatmate’s WOW entry and started on how we’re going to approach filming a music video in our lounge room amongst other things last night, as I recall.

But only some of us have backed up this morning. Poking at remnant curling embers in the bottom of the firebox, coaxing them back to life before the dormant overpowers the dwindle… well perhaps this is forgivable.

You certainly are surrounded by artists, my visiting out-of-town friend remarks as I make mid-morning love to my life preserver, a.k.a my teapot. Yes. I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but I’m not complaining about this pleasantly awakening journey to somewhere new.

Guests just slot into the texture around here. Wolfing down phase one of a two-course breakfast cooked by said guest, I think this is a great thing.

The first time I’ve spent more than one night at home in some six weeks or more; I’ve missed this harmonic heart.
Invigorating piano notes resound about the house as a relaxing Saturday morning comes to life. What will today bring? Who knows. Who cares. Something good.