Giving the eye

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Whenever I meet someone new I like to give them the eye. Not to be confused with the glad eye ofcourse; which is something entirely different :-> Some people use the handshake to provide insight into someone’s character or mood, but myself, I like to put more stock in the eye as the windows to our soul.

I think people are hugely interesting and it always intrigues me to observe people’s body language, especially what happens when you look them straight in the eye - how people respond to you, where they look, what emotion can I see - and in turn, how what I see makes me feel.

This past week I’ve met up with more strangers in a short period of time than I have done in brave while. I’ve come across the whole gambit. Some have looked back with an intensity that almost thrills me. Some would not look me in the eye at all, instead choosing to look down at the table while speaking to me throughout the whole duration of an hour long meeting. Some had open faces and smiling eyes, while others crossed their arms tightly across their chests, as if to form a physical barricade between us. A gentleman yesterday stared at me until I thought I may suddenly self-combust (and not in a good way).

Do you give people the eye and what do you see?