Misc ramblings of an insomniac

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

It’s 2am and I can’t sleep. I’ve tried counting sheep, body relaxation techniques, wild dreams …and I’m still wide awake. Bugger. So I’m hoping the cream cheese and crackers I just polished off will do the trick :P

I don’t really mind eh, except for in the morning I’m sooo-oo-o tired and can’t get up. Like this morning when I turned my alarm off and went back to dreamland. Then got startled and awoken suddenly with the phone ringing. Non compos mentis so I didn’t answer it. The message said they were going to be spraying noxious poison at the orchard today so to keep all my windows and doors shut. Only I was still 75% asleep and I thought he said they were spraying novocaine. My neighbors on the orchard are away and have a friend staying at their pad. So I left a note to tell him to leave his windows shut for a couple of days cos they are spraying novocaine. Only now I look up what
novocaine is and I realise that can’t be what they were spraying. Or if it was, then it should be helping me to sleep, not hindering it I reckon. And the guy next door is a school teacher too – hopefully he doesn’t teach science…

So anyway, in my insomniac state I’ve been rummaging around and found this poem about Denniston on the west coast that I copied down when I was there some weeks ago. I remember it cos it was so windy I nearly lost my wig while standing outside writing it down!

Denniston – described as “a place either loved or hated, but always with a passion”. Anyway, I kinda liked the poem. Enjoy. Good night.

Damn Denniston
Damn the track
Damn the way both there and back
Damn the wind and damn the weather
God damn Denniston altogether